A new fic, a new group, and a new year!!

Hey Loves!! How are ya?

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new Christmas fic up called CHRISTMAS LIAISONS – it’s about a divorced E/B who wind up in a sticky situation after Bella finds a letter to Santa from their youngest daughter.

The first chapter is already posted on FFn HERE: Clink Link and on Wattpad Here: Wattpad Link

Also: I have another fic that I plan to start posting a little after the new year. WE WERE MORE was originally a one shot donated to the Fandom For Mental Health Awareness that I’ve decided to expand.

Here’s the Summary: We were more than where we met and more than our pasts. More than the words we said and more than the one’s we didn’t. We were more than late night ice cream runs and hour-long calls that started with “I can’t sleep.” And through it all we became more than friends.

There’s some Hurt/Comfort mixed with light angst and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! 🙂

Also, for those who were in my Fic group called “Fics on the Lolo84” that group is no more. I lost access to it when I got a new FB profile so I’ve just created a new one. It will be for my fics on FFn AND my fics I post on Wattpad.

Here is the new group link if you want to join “Fic’ing with Lolo” 

And that’s about it!!

Here’s to hoping everyone has a great holiday!

With Love,





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Hey loves! I just wanted to give a quick call out that I’m posting chapters of HIGH STAKES on WATTPAD!

For those who don’t know … HIGH STAKES is an OF I wrote inspired by my fanfic: The Good Luck Club and though I’ve been told it’s really different from the Fic … I hope you’ll give it a chance and love it anyway.

TGLC will remain on Fanfiction.net and you can find the link here: THE GOOD LUCK CLUB

I also have the PDF saved here: TGLC PDF

For my other profiles please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, add me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram.

And of course, if you’re so inclined, you can read my stuff on Wattpad, too: Click Here

I’m still writing fic and will have a new Multi-fic posting around September—WE WERE MORE was a O/S written for the Fandom for Mental Health Awareness that I’ve turned into a multi-fic.

For my other stories that haven’t posted in ages—if anyone’s even still wondering lol—I apologize, but those remain on hiatus.

Thank you so much for everything!


Long Lost Family # Excerpt #Coming Soon


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I’d mentioned around social media that I plan to publish Long Lost Family… For those interested (and who have not seen it) I thought I’d share an unedited teaser for you 🙂

The published version is very different from the Fic. While I believe the essence of it is still there, the overall plot, content, and conclusion differs greatly. I hope you guys like it!

Long Lost Family

An Unedited Excerpt

The shuffling near the front door caught her attention, but Lisa didn’t turn around. Tensing, she clung to the couch in an almost futile attempt to gather strength for the fight she knew was coming.

“So you’re really not letting me see the boys today?”

“You lied,” she whispered, her voice thick and hoarse from tears. “Is Christopher even your real name?”

Behind her, her husband cleared his throat but didn’t answer. Nothing would dig him out of the hole he’d created, and frankly he was tired of all the fighting.

“It’s funny.” Lisa shook her head, forcing out a humorless laugh. “After all this time and after everything I’ve tried … I still ended up just like my mother. I watched her—year after year, guy after guy losing herself. Changing herself for these losers that weren’t worth her spit. I swore I’d never be like that.” She snapped her head around to face him. Guarded eyes stared back at her. A hard set jaw unflinching and unwelcoming. She’s caved to that look dozens of times over the years, but today, she refused to back down. “Then you came along. You are the one who wanted a wife, and a family, and a home. You’re the one who asked me you marry you. Everything you’ve ever wanted I’ve given you. Everything I do, every breath I take revolves around you and the boys. All you’ve ever had to do was tell me the truth. That’s all. I’ve done everything for you and you couldn’t do this one thing for me.”

“Would you have said yes?” Christopher’s deep voice cut through the moment. “If I’d told you—if you had known what I’d done. Where I’d come from, and who I was. Would we have had all of this?” He gestured around the room. A broken picture frame still lied on the ground. “Would you have married me then? Would you have had my children knowing the blood that would run through their veins? Would you have fought to make a life with me? Tell me now that my past wouldn’t have made a difference, and I’ll get on my hands and knees and beg for your forgiveness.”

“No,” Lisa admitted after a long, reflective stretch of silence.

“Then stop demanding an apology we both know you don’t deserve.”

“An apology I don’t deserve?” she repeated in shock. The words echoed in her ears, rattling her brain and shattering every shred of desire she had left to deal with this version of her husband—this stranger that had infiltrated their lives. Six months ago, he would have moved heaven and earth to make up for something asinine like forgetting the milk on his way home from work. Now, after being faced with their very existence being a lie, she wasn’t worthy of getting a simple ‘I’m sorry.’

“I would say I don’t even know who you are anymore, but the truth is I never did, did I?”

Long Lost Family - Ebook Cover

Book Title: Long Lost Family
Author: Lore Ree
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Goodreads Button with Shadow

Lisa Hughston’s life is perfect. With a doting husband, two handsome little boys, and a job she loves as a nurse, she’s done the one thing she always vowed to do: rise above everyone who told her she would amount to nothing more than a high school dropout and drug addict. Just like her mother.

There’s only one problem in her seemingly flawless life … she doesn’t know anything about her husband’s past.

Christopher knows the truth about who he is and where he came from wouldn’t just hurt his wife. It would destroy her. He’s done—and vows to continue doing—everything in his power to keep that side of him buried forever. But when Lisa unknowingly befriends his estranged family, she sends their once perfect life into a tailspin.

Will they survive the fallout when she discovers who he really is and the secrets he’s been hiding?

#Fanfiction Post – The Pulled, The Published, and The Newly Posted – Lolo84


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Hey lovelies,

So … what’s up?

Thought I’d drop over here and give a few updates. To start this off I wanted to let you guys know I’ll be publishing LONG LOST FAMILY sometime this year—hopefully by the end of summer. There is a high chance you don’t know, or won’t remember, what the hell I’m referring to and I don’t blame you. LOL.

Long Lost Family – LLF is the 2nd fic I ever posted. That was almost exactly 3 years ago. Spring of 2012.

In fact, I didn’t even realize any copies of it were still up until recently since I took it off of FF, like, two years ago. So if you want any of those copies, you can download the PDF here or read it on TWCS here until Friday. After 3 years of it being on my blog and TWCS I think whoever was going to read the fic version has already done so. No sense in dragging out when I’ll pull. Am I right?


You can add it, praise it, or bash it, on Goodreads: here *wink*

Now, just to clarify … publishing some stuff doesn’t mean I’ve left fic alone.

I recently wrote a One Shot that I entered into the May to December Romance Contest – aka Olderward and OlderElla Stuff – titled BEHIND THE DESK.

This is the summary: There are some wounds time can never heal, some loves that were never meant to be. Falling in love with her professor nearly destroyed Bella’s life—this is the story of what happens when she falls in love with him for the second time.

If you want to read my entry (the contest is over now, I can share :-)) Here are all the links and stuff:

Contest Link


On FF.net


That’s about it my loves!

I’m still around if you have any questions or ever wanna chat.

You can always find me on Twitter – @lolosofocused

Facebook: Lore Ree

Facebook page: Lore Ree Pens

And my OF blog: lorereepens.wordpress.com

Until Next Time,


ICYMI: TGLC being published and other things I’ve been up to.


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Hey loves!

So, in case you missed it, I posted yesterday, that I’ll be publishing The Good Luck Club sometime next year. 🙂

If you wanna read the sneak peek/teaser  I posted on Fanfiction.net you can CLICK HERE

If you wanna show the OF version, which will be titled HIGH STAKES some love (or hate. I already know what time it is LOL) on Goodreads you can do that GOODREADS LINK

And if you want a PDF copy of The Good Luck Club here it is, too. TGLC – PDF  Feel free to share it around etc. and I think the PDF I have posted on the blog page does not include the EPOV outtake. So here’s that: TGLC_EPOV_Outtake_F4A

I’ll be posting teasers every couple of weeks, then more frequently as we get closer to release date. I have no idea when or if I’m going to be pulling it from FF but—to reiterate what I posted—it won’t be anytime soon.

Also, in other news: I do have a fic I’m currently posting. SERVED COLD will be complete by the end of next week. It’s short—a ficlet if you will. You can read it on Fanfiction.net here. Served Cold on FF. (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10794132/1/Served-Cold)

And I have a Novella on Amazon that is currently free. Which you can download Here. RICOCHET on Amazon. 

LOL. Damn … a lot of links to share today, huh?

Well, that’s it for now folks. Just wanted to drop in, update, and share all this stuff with you guys in case you missed it and don’t have me on on Twitter (@lolosofocused) or  Facebook (Lore Ree)

Until Next time,



#Fanfiction Updates, PDFs, and Pulled Fics


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Hey guys!  Wanted to do a quick check—let you know what’s been up.

First and foremost, I pulled JOHN DOE today. Really, it was a lost cause. Instead of having the constant reminder of a WIP that will prob never update again, it had to go. Sorry for those who were actually reading it, or waiting for it to update this past year, but I see the stats anyway. It’s not like there were many. Let’s not pretend otherwise now that it’s gone. LOL.

If divine intervention ever strikes, I promise to repost it. But for now, here’s a PDF of the incomplete version for anyone interested.

DOWNLOAD HERE: John Doe Chapter 1-10

As for 10 YEARS OF LOVE AND LONELINESS for now it’s still up. Honestly, I don’t know what the issue is with me and that fic. The difference between it and my other WIPS—like JD—is that I DO have plenty of ideas for it still floating in my head, and sometimes on a constant basis. The issue is getting it down on paper. Idk what to say about it. But all I can do is keep trying *shrugs* but for now it remains on a posting hiatus.

The only other ‘non-posting’ WIP I have is UNEXPECTED which I have a little bit further chaps written. However, I don’t want to worry about it until I’m done with NO MATTER WHAT which should only have a few more chaps left.

For completed fics. I’ve finally got around to making a PDF for SOCIAL STUDIES


And there’s also a PDF of my two shot TROUBLE BY ANY OTHER NAME

DOWNLOAD HERE: Trouble by Any Other Name – PDF

I think that’s it!

As usual, thanks for reading. And thank you to those who know how to exercise patience 🙂








I know many celebrate this holiday on different days. But since we do it today


in the U.S. and the tradition goes that we state what we’re thankful for … I

thought today, of any days, would be a good time to make a little

announcement. 🙂

And announcement of the OF variety!

Why today?

Because there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for the things I’ve

learned from the Fandom, the friends and family I’ve made, and finding my love

for writing again.

Link source: http://www.bubblews.com/
Link source: http://www.bubblews.com/

No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m just adding something new to the journey/process.

Here is the link to my “Author Blog” for more information!

>>> LORE REE <<<




Fic Statuses


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If you’re in my FB group, you’ve already read this, so feel free to disregard! 😉

But …

For those who’ve asked about my other fics, NO MATTER WHAT is what’s currently demanding all my attention. I hope to finish writing it sooner rather than later and hopefully move on to finishing UNEXPECTED.

10 YEARS will just continue to update slowly as it’s always been. No matter how much I try and commit to just it, I can’t focus on it more than a little at a time.  It’s ever changing on me and the only way I see things working is a massive time jump, which I’ve been trying to avoid. But no matter how things pan out, I promise to do my best to bring it to some sort of resolution as soon as I can.

JD remains on hiatus because writers block for it is a bitch. I don’t plan on pulling it. But I have no idea when, or if, it’ll update. IDK what happened. And I’m sorry if I end up leaving it’s readers hanging. I will try my best not to let that happen, though. I just don’t want to make any promises.

As for anything new … Well, that’s just gonna have to be a surprise.  🙂

First and foremost, though, I’m hoping if I can adapt the working on one fic at a time mentality, I can actually get shit done. *crosses fingers*

As usual, thank you all for reading and your unwavering patience!! Muah!!!!



No Matter What – Teaser


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Hello everyone!

I posted a teaser of No Matter What yesterday in my Facebook Group, but I noticed I’ve had some new followers on this right here blog, and I thought it would be nice (as a thank you) to share it with you all here as well 🙂

For those who haven’t started reading NMW you can find it on FFN and TWCS


****** Bella Swan ******

“I didn’t think that was much of a problem these days.” At Jessica’s confused expression, Bella elaborated. “You said he ended things because of your son?”

“Yeah, apparently he doesn’t ‘hate’ kids—he just has a problem with other men’s kids or something … I don’t know. I guess in his defense I should have told him from the beginning, but …”

Jessica’s words once again got drowned out by Bella’s inner thoughts. Naïve as it may be, it wasn’t an issue she thought she’d ever have: not being able to date because she already had a child. And now all she could think about was that handsome green-eyed man who already smiled at her daughter like he’d give her the world if she asked for it.

There was a high possibility she’d never get that chance again, and the idea plagued Bella for the remainder of her work day.


When the phone rang later that night Bella smiled, knowing exactly who it was.

“It’s for you, baby,” she said as she handed her daughter the phone. “It’s your dad.”

Briella perked up, all thoughts of her picture gone as she pushed the button and answered the phone. “Hi, Daddy.”


“Mama, what’s my favorite color?”

This week … “Pink.”

“Pink,” Briella echoed, then giggled into the phone. “What is yours? Red like your hair?” And by the way she said it you could tell she wasn’t asking; as opposed to repeating something she was just told.

Red like his hair?


Red hair?

Suddenly on high alert, Bella had to stop herself from lunging for the phone. She didn’t want to scare Briella. So as calmly as possible, she asked, “Sweetie, who are you talking to?”

Thanks for reading! I’ll be updating on Sunday!

Until Then

Made by CullensTwiMistress

Made by CullensTwiMistress

A ‘Hello’, an FFN Update, and A new fic


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Hello! 🙂

I’ve noticed some new people have been following, and I think it’s because of some of the recent purging — right? It’s awesome that you guys want to stay connected and know what I’m doing with my fics and where they are going.

Well … if you are in my Facebook Group you know I’m not really going much of anywhere. I tried the whole pulling and moving my fics in the beginning of the year — it was a lot more hassle than I’d hoped. So, with that, just know my stories –despite the drama with the site — will be remaining on Fanfiction.net, TWCS, and of course here: My blog.

As a matter of fact, I started posting a new story today (or maybe it’s yesterday now) called “No Matter What.”

The first couple chaps had been donated to the Fandom4OK. And now I’m continuing it.

You can  find it on Fanfiction.net and/or TWCS 

If you’re interested you can see the summary and banner below.

For my other fics, I think all the PDF’s should be up there somewhere. ^^^^^^^

Made by CullensTwiMistress

Made by CullensTwiMistress

Summary: No matter how big and bad you think you are, if a child hands you a toy phone, you pick it up. No matter how damaged you think you are, when someone pure and beautiful offers you their love, you love them back. And no matter how tough, when your mom asks you for a kiss, you give it. And you make it a good one.

As usual, I can never express how thankful I am to each of you for reading.

Until Next Time

~Lo 🙂